I'm feeling bad because of disgusting air in this country.

 japanese lost their emotion. they are all good men and women so politician use them to earn politician's money. i cant stand up like a violence. politician has a vailorence and forced us to ban money. we need money to run away from angry and saddness. money is not bad. in this case, how we should use my money? i am boring her talking because they are like a god to protect teir rule. rule is a father. she try to protect father to protect herself from violence. father is strong. so father can protect her. she hope the world is peace because of her kindness? beautiful soul? i don know but just i can say that sucking! what a sucking! there are no man! who can move easily in this world! all man love her abstract mother and try to search mother. disgusting disgusing. knowing world mystery is bad. run away!