pull you what you have. hey i shoot you! give me something! give me something! you have something! that make me money and good feelings. oh god! god! where you are. you are in my mind. it is difficult to say in japanese. the word for japanese is not for communicate. this is true. dont you think so. oh no! ok ok ok ok! i know that you think me crazy and not polished. crazy odd man. and broke mind with something attractive substance. that's what you need! yes! i have what you need. so i am boring. please tame me out from this sightseeing. i want to go somewhere the rule is nothing and language have nothing power in their cold heart. what do you means. greatest artist have a good hair and nice faith. loosing my mind is great situation. i dont have my opinion. i can be silent forever. i have no disgusting situation. i just want to have limit. i want to go jail. i wanna feel limit and move from there. you are all freedom. but just sleeping in your mind. what i thought you have. all what i image you have. ok. i am keeping silent. now my problem is to convey my word from my heart not from the street garbage