hey who reads this blog

 i don't know how to say that i have no pennis. But i't ok. I don't care about to play the guita in my house with your girl friend. I don't care. But, i dont care about it. it's really hard to say. i just wanto to do nothing. because i have no problem in my life. oh really? you dont have any work today. how you spend this time .you should enjoy this time because you would be derived by someone my life. 


it's really dark and tired to say about life. my god , of course , john lennon, said to us before he died. when you forget thinking about your life , it's you life.


oh my god. i have no life in this 5 years. so i am 21 years old! that(s so good. but my live is getting bad. everyday i drink suntory wisky. because it's really cheap and move my body. it is like a engine oil. i need to alshol to enjoy karaoke too. 


last weekend, we fought with my girl friend, she really likes parent and man , i am so nervous because you know the life is changing every day. i just want to do nothing. i want to go taiwan and ride a motorcycle and taiwanese old car hit me and i will die. this story is not bad for my familly but it seems to be pain to me. my imagination is crazy. buddist said that imagination chork your neck. i can die by my dreaming. 


last night i dreamt that i go to schoo and fought to teacher. the teacher is mathmatics. but i don't know the man.